About Me

Hey there! If you've come to this page, I'm assuming you want the deets about me. My name is Mollie and I'm twenty one years old. I'm in love with all things beauty related - hence the name of my blog.

Here on Mollie Victoria Beauty you will find make-up related posts, DIY Beauty, reviews and lifestyle related posts - I may occasionally break out of these categories and post a bit of whatever I please. I'm hoping to start making a few series of posts which I'll list up on here when I start making them!

Now if you're here for the beauty posts, you might need to know these beauty stats so you can see if the product I used will work out just as well (or not so well) for you as it did with me.

Beauty Stats
Skin Type: Dry Skin
Skin Tone: Medium/Olive
Hair: Dark brown
Eyes: Brown

Thank you for popping by and I hope you come back soon! To keep up with my posts and to know when I've whipped up a new one, you can follow me on Twitter or you can find me over on Bloglovin'.
If you wish to contact me about anything, you can tweet me or you can email me at molmcneice@gmail.com.

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