February 03, 2016

RANT POST | Males and 'beauty'

Fair warning, this post is definitely going to contain a lot of BIG, BOLD WORDS and a lot of annoyance, so if you aren't a fan of that, probably best to jump ship now and wait for Fridays post. If you can't guess from the title, this post is going to be all about how males are looked down on for taking care of themselves.

So basically this post came to my head when I was talking to my friends (the majority of which are boys) over Xbox live. My boyfriend and I share the same friend group and was part of the chat that took place while I was playing games. When he entered the group party chat, he addressed me and said that his brother had found out about using a facemask, and as soon as it was mentioned, everyone decided to pipe up and laugh at him for using one and repeatedly say that it was gay. In 2016, my boyfriend was ridiculed by his FRIENDS for using a facemask to clear up his skin. In 2016, my boyfriend was called GAY, for deciding to look after his skin by using a facemask. The facemask isn't even a feminine looking one; it's a damn Garnier one!

Safe to say, I didn't stick around long in the party chat because this had really irked me. The fact that my boyfriend had to say 'they had to find out now before we go on holiday with them' really got me mad. The thing is, why are males called names and such for looking after themselves? Why do males still get called gay by others because they want to get rid of their spots, blackheads, unwanted hairs etc.?

Why do males have to be 'manly'? Hey, you can't be straight if you don't wear a whole bottles worth of Lynx! You MUST be gay if you use anything else! Jesus Christ. I wish this was just a one off thing that I've heard, but its not. There have been plenty of times I have had conversations where I've heard males being called gay, or laughed at because they used a moisturiser, or plucked a stray brow and you know what? I think it's pathetic. It's pathetic that others have to be awful to one another to keep their so called masculinity.

I can only imagine that if my boyfriend used a scented soap, his 'friends' minds would absolutely explode because 'OMG, THAT IS SO GAY, YOU USED A SOAP THAT DOESN'T SMELL MANLY?! ONLY REAL MEN WASH THEIRSELVES WITH DIRT. Looking after your skin isn't a thing only the female gender do! God forbid a guy tries a bit of concealer or foundation to cover up a spot or something, because damn, the whole world would definitely be ending right now if they did. Pfft.

Honestly, this is something I could probably go on and on about, and I just wanted to point it out to others that this is a thing that has to stop. Just because a guy wants to look after himself, or enhance himself in some way or another, it doesn't make them gay, and using gay as an insult is absolutely disgusting. There is nothing wrong with either of the two things, so why act like there is? I think its time people opened their eyes and grew up a little bit now. 

Have you came across anything like this before? What are your thoughts on the matter? 



  1. There's so many male grooming products that it's ridiculous that men are being pointed out as less 'manly'! I personally think it's absolutely fine and there's nothing wrong with that x

    Everything But The Kitchen

    1. I think there's nothing wrong with it, its stupid that we have to gender everything argh x

  2. I don't understand it (and personally I'm glad about that)! I don't know why taking care of yourself is seen as a "feminine" thing, why that's then something to mock or why gay is even used as an insult nowadays, but I have come across all of this too. My brother wouldn't even use a hand cream when his fingers were bleeding because they were so dry! As you say, it's 2016 - it shouldn't still be an issue!
    Laura x FloraLooTwo

    1. It's ridiculous isn't it?! I just don't understand why its still a problem to people x

  3. So many people need to read this! All I can say is well done and applaud you for this post!
    Charlotte // charlottespicks.blogspot.com


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