February 08, 2016

MUM, YOU DA BOMB | Lush Rose Bombshell review

Guess who went to Lush recently? If you guessed me, you're totally correct. I just can't resist popping in when I go to Sheffield and spending a tonne of money - everything is just so bloody good. I currently have a little love/hate relationship with Lush right now though, as they have stock for both Valentines and Mothers Day at the same time and honestly, my poor bank card can't handle it right now. So I decided to limit myself to three items, one of them being the new 2016 Mothers Day Rose Bombshell bath bomb!

First of all, just look at how nice this little pretty is! A lovely bright, but not neon pink with touches of a spring green, reminiscent of a little bouquet of pink roses that you can buy for Valentines. Of course this bomb smells like roses, but thankfully it's not overpowering, which I tend to find with a lot of rose scented products and that tends to put me off them (I'm not a fan of the smell personally, it reminds me of old people), but this was fresh and had hints of geranium in it.

When this was popped into the bath, it fizzed so much faster than most Lush bath bombs do. It released a wave of pink and white foam that spread across the water really quickly, diluting the pink colouring so it wasn't as bright as I expected it to be. I expected the green colouring to make an appearance and change the water but it was a no show and didn't affect the pretty show of pink and white that this bomb was creating.

As the bomb was reaching its end point, it sent of a flurry of little yellow rose petals that floated gently across the top of the water, adding to the rosy smell that was already filling the room. Compared to other Lush bath bombs that have things inside them, I knew that this one wasn't going to be a problem when it came to the clean up process after my bath as the petals weren't sticking to the sides or dissolving into little bits.

Once in the tub, the white foam swirls the bomb had concocted dispersed and the water was left as a lovely light pink, fit for a princess. The rose smell was much stronger in the bath which made me not stick around for too long, but it did make me feel relaxed and rather sleepy - perfect for a weekend night of mooching around.

The clean up process was nothing with this bomb, the only thing that I had to do was pick out the petals from the plug hole because they're too big to go down and there was no pink staining on the tub at all.

While I liked this bath bomb, I don't think I'd give it as a Mothers Day gift, but rather as a Valentines one as I feel roses are more associated with the latter and as I said earlier, roses remind me of old people and I don't think my mum would appreciate that opinion. 

Are you enjoying these years' limited editions? What are you hoping to see in the Easter range?



  1. This look's so pretty! I love the little petal's that float around. I haven't bought anything from the limited editions, but I'm 100% sold in getting this one now! Great review and pictures x

    Lauren | itslaurenvictoria.blogspot.co.uk

  2. I love that Roses remind you of old people, hehe, made me giggle!! Lovely post sweet X

  3. Oh my gosh this Lush bath bomb looks divine! I really want to add it to my collection, but I too am trying to limit myself haha. I swear Lush is the reason why I'm broke!

    Lizzie Bee // mysticthorn.com

  4. ahh i love lush!
    also your blog is so pretty the design and your pictures, how do you do it?
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  5. Fab post lovely, this looks so lovely, and I definitely need to check out the Mother’s day range. I’m such a fan of rose scents so this is right up my street :)

    Charlee XO | CharmedCharlee

  6. Lush products always look so pretty, this one included, I should really start trying them out!!

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