January 11, 2016

THE LIEBSTER AWARD | Get to know me!

So its Monday again, ugh. Even though I don't have a job, I still hate Mondays. They're just one of those days aren't they? This Monday I've decided to do a different post to my usual and finally get around to accepting and answering questions from the Liebster Award. This is my third nomination for this award/get to know the blogger-behind-the-blog and I feel like I'm comfortable enough for my audience to get to know me, so without further ado, lets begin!

Basically the Liebster award was made to help recognise and discover new bloggers and get to know them a little bit more. My most recent nomination was from Amy Walker from hadh0peamy, so go check her out!

There's a set of rules that you have to follow with this award and they are as follows;
1) Thank the person who nominated you and post their blog link on your blog.
2) Display the award on your blog, be it in a post or on your sidebar.
3) Answer 11 questions provided by the person who nominated you.
4) Provide 11 facts about yourself (eek).
5) Nominate 5 blogs who may have less than a 1000 followers.
6) Create a new list of questions for the people you nominate.
7) Inform the people you nominated that you've actually nominated them.

Now all the boring rules are out the way, you can see the questions that I was asked and what answers I gave. Again, thank you Amy for nominating me for this.
1) What's your name, where are you from and what age are you?
My name is Mollie McNeice (my middle name is Victoria and that's where my blog name comes from). I'm from a town called Chesterfield in the UK that is right next to Sheffield and I am currently 20 years old.
2) What does being nominated for this award mean to you?
I'm not too sure really, its nice that people want to know a bit more about me I guess and I feel cool that I technically have an award! Awards are always cool.
3) If you could gain only one thing from having a blog, what would it be?
Money would obviously be pretty nice but I think I'd take well formed relationships from other bloggers, readers and businesses.
4) What's the maximum amount of time you spend blogging per day? Per week?
I'm doing something blog related as soon as I wake up everyday at the moment! I'm very dedicated to it as I don't have a job right now so I have a lot of spare time to spend on it. I usually aim to get my posts written on Sundays and Mondays but if I have a new idea come up later in the week I'll edit my schedule to have it come out on a certain day. Even when I'm not writing posts I'll be joining in on Twitter chats, writing on others blogs and doing a tonne of research. This blog is my baby and I want to see it grow as much as possible!

5) When you had the idea to blog did you create one straight away or did you hesitate? If you hesitated share why.
I hesitated and stalled beyond belief. I was so worried what people would think about me and I honestly didn't think I'd be able to stick to blogging or enjoy it as much as I do but I'm so glad I pushed myself to make one!

6) How do you deal with negative comments on your blog if you have received any? 
I've been very lucky as I haven't seen anything negative said to me, nor have I seen it anywhere indirectly. I'm sure in the future there will be someone that will be a bit harsh or an old classmate might want to bring me down but I know I'm mature enough to ignore it and see the good side to whatever they might have to say about me/my blog.

7) Have you made any REALLY good blogging friends? If not, do you hope to?
I've spoke to a lot of wonderful bloggers and I would consider them friends, yes. I'd love to make more though, I love having a good natter all the time!

8) In your eyes, what is success?
I've never really thought about this till now but success if whatever you want it to me. You think success is a certain amount of followers? Then that's up to you. I personally think success to me is having loyal readers who enjoy coming to my blog and talking to me often.

9) What is the main thing you hope to achieve on your blog in 2016?
Knowing I actually do have people who come back to read my posts! I think hitting over 100 written posts would be bloody awesome too because I'd be able to see for myself that I can stick to anything if I wanted to. There's so many things I'd love to achieve this year and I am determined to hit as many as possible.

10) If you had to delete any post from your blog which would it be and why?
I could probably use this question as a chance to promote my least viewed post or something but I'm not going to do that. To be entirely honest I don't want to delete any of posts because I want to see how far I've come since I started blogging, even if one of those posts at the start was awful1

11) Share your favourite hashtags to use when promoting a post!
Well, it all depends on the type of the post I've written and there is an awful lot of hashtags that all work differently across all the social media platforms I use. #beautyblogger works great on Instagram but not on Twitter due to length, so it really is dependent on post and platform! 

Now I've answered Amy's questions, I should probably give you 11 facts about me. I struggled so much with these facts because I don't think I'm interesting enough to warrant 11 things ahh.

1) I love cats so damn much but foxes are my favourite animals.
2) I have one tattoo in between my shoulder blades but I want more.
3) I love playing games on the computer or the Xbox 360/One.
4) I hate children with a passion and the thought of having my own makes me physically sick to the point where I think something is wrong with me.
5) I currently suffer from depression and this is my second time going through it. The first time I was diagnosed was at 16.
6) I love anything to do with Alice in Wonderland.
7) I'm completely and utterly obsessed with Gossip Girl.
8) I'm not as confident as I make out to be in real life or on the internet - I can be super shy in real life.
9) My favourite colour is teal and it annoys people when I tell them because its not a 'simple' colour and I could just say blue or green, pfft.
10) I'm absolutely petrified of needles and injections. I nearly passed out when having one in my arm and try to avoid them at all costs.
11)  I love anything to do with space! I love looking at stars and reading up all about planets and all that jazz but I'd never want to go up there for myself.
Phew, that's all the facts I could think of! Now the rules state that I should nominate 5 blogs to give this award to but I'm struggling to find bloggers that haven't already done it in the past! So I'm going to give it a pass but if you want to do it, go for it! I want to give different questions to everyone who wants to give it a go though and be a bit different so if you just comment below asking for questions, I'll reply back with some. 

Thank you everyone for reading this post and getting to know me a bit better, I hope I didn't bore you all to death with all the rambling on but yeah, it's cool that you all know a little bit more about me!

Have you been nominated for the Liebster award in the past? Link me to your posts if you have so I can get to know you all a bit more!

Mollie. <3



  1. Did you know Alice in Wonderland was banned in China in 1931 for anthropomorphising animals? The censor thought it was an insult to humans to give animals the same characteristics.

    Extreme Housewifery

    1. I actually never knew that but I'm going to start looking in to it now! Doesn't surprise me though as Alice in Wonderland is a bit odd x

  2. I love reading through everyone's facts when they post the Liebster award! Teal is such a beautiful colour! Just followed you on Bloglovin, not sure why I wasn't following you already!
    Becky; http://www.rebeccamarie.co.uk xxx

    1. Ah I love the colour so much! I have it as an accent in my room and everything. I'm quite a big fan of yellow at the moment as well but it definitely has to be a certain shade. And thank you for the follow, I'll have to follow you back x

  3. I genuinely loved reading this blog post. I found it so interesting and your style of writing also allows your readers to catch a glimpse of your personality, which I always think is really nice. In regards to the random facts that you said, I can safely say I'm also obsessed with Gossip Girl (hello gorgeous males!!) and I'm also petrified of needles and injections myself. I always come over all funny afterwards and it freaks me out to the max - yukkk! I also just started following you recently and I'm enjoying binge-reading your blog (if that's even a thing..? Well, it is now!)

    Jade xx | simplyjadey.blogspot.co.uk


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