December 23, 2015


2015 has been a pretty okay year, but I'm happy to see the end of it. 2016 is the year where I've set myself some pretty big goals blog-wise and life-wise and I'm making this post to remind myself of where I started and where I end up when I check back again in a years time! So without further ado, lets take a look at what I want from my 2016.

First of all, I only started blogging on November the 25th, so my blog goals aren't going to be super big, but I do want to improve my numbers across my social media outlets and my blog itself.

As of 22/12/2015 these are my social media stats with my 2016 targets next to them.

Twitter: 358 followers ➝ 700 followers
Instagram: 542 followers ➝ 1000 followers 
Bloglovin': 35 followers ➝ 150 followers
Pinterest: 4 followers ➝ 50 followers

Each of my social media pages are linked if you click their name if you fancy boosting my numbers now! 

Now I've got all the blog related goals out the way, lets take a look at what I want to do with my life. First of all, I want to travel more. I feel like I never get the chance to do so and I'm always scared to do it alone but now that I have better friends and a great boyfriend, I think my opportunities to travel are going to be a lot higher. London is definitely on my list and getting my passport sorted so I can start going abroad (I've only been abroad once!) as well.

Second of all, I want to start leading a healthier lifestyle - eating better, exercising and being a better person. I think this will help me in so many ways, health wise and mentality wise.

Lastly, my biggest goal I want to achieve is getting my depression under control, maybe even beating it! I am looking forward to the challenges life is surely going to throw my way next year but I know that I have the power to beat whatever happens to me and come out bigger, better and stronger than before.

What are your goals for 2016? Are they similar to mine? 

Mollie. <3


  1. Hope you will smash these Hun!! I've still got 95 Twitter followers to go to hit this years target
    Carrieanne X

    1. I'm excited to see the development through the year on my goals, it's exciting to see if I can do it or not!x

  2. I'm sure you'll hit your targets! We did the same blogmas post today mol! Great minds think alike haha!x


    1. You'll manage to hit your goals too! I'll stick by you when you feel you can't do it x

  3. My goals are to go to uni and travel more too! I really want to visit Prague, it looks amazing!! I wish you all the best with your depression and hope you have the best Christmas and NY XX

    1. Ah I really want to just travel all around Europe, it'd be fantastic! Thank you and hope you've had a lovely Christmas and have a good New Year lovely x

  4. hello. first time on your blog. I just started blogging again with my cousin so I really want to continue to let me blog grow. I followed you on bloglovin and pinterest. hope that helps. I wanna travel more too. London was amazing, I hope you get to visit it. you also need to come to NYC. hope you kick your depression habit as well. that would be the best for 2016.

    happy holidays!


    1. Hope you enjoyed your stop by :)! Any following of any sort helps so thank you, I'll come check your blog out as well when I have a bit of spare time (boxing day of course). I'd love to go to NY - its one of my biggest dreams but I don't think I'll be doing it any time soon.

      Merry Christmas!x

  5. I am sure you will smash these goals lovely!! I would love to travel too.. but at the moment our priority is saving for a mortgage! I would love to increase my blog/social numbers too.. as well as improving my blog as much as I can!

    1. Hopefully I do! I'm definitely trying to get myself out there more and I'm thinking about business cards now, makes me feel so adult haha! Good luck with the mortgage business lovely x

  6. Such lovely goals, I am sure that you will achieve them all!! I love London too and hope to visit there again this year, I visited 3 times in 2014 but haven't had the chance to in 2015!

    Toni x

  7. Such an inspiring post, I'm sure you'll smash all of your goals for the coming year - good luck! <3

    Holly |

  8. Ahh good luck with all of your goals, I'm sure you'll reach them!

    Lilies and Lipbalm

  9. Good luck with your goals lovely! Having a healthier lifestyle is one of mine as well :) have followed you on bloglovin! Xx


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