December 09, 2015

POST OP | Operation Pore-Proof review

 Every time I go shopping, I always have to pop by the Benefit counter to see what sets they have. At the moment, with Christmas being so close, Benefit have got some really amazing sets and I've wanted to grab them all! This one caught my eye first though, as I saw that it had the Porefessional powder in it, and rather than committing to a full size one (just in case I didn't get along with it), I got this instead so I could sample the other products that come in the set.

First of all, the box has five sample sized products and a small brush and it costs £28.50 from the Benefit website. It contains 'The POREfessional pore minimising balm', 'Dr Feelgood complexion balm', The POREfessional Agent Zero Shine', 'The POREfessional license to blot' and the 'Shy beam nude pink highlighter'. The set also comes with a fairly nice sized mirror and some pages with tips on how to use the items.
Since buying the set, I have been using the 'Shy Beam highlighter' religiously. It's a lovely nude pink that I put under my eyebrows to really make them look fabulous - paired with the 'Browzings' by Benefit, it really makes your eyebrows look amazing. I must say though that you have got to be careful with the amount you use, as a little goes an awfully long way. When I use it, it tap a little bit on to a concealer brush tip and highlight under my brows that way as there is way too much product on the brush in the pot and its harder to control how much you are using. You can also use this highlighter for your cheeks if you want a nude/pink glow, or above your cupids bow to make your lips look plumper.

I've also been using the 'POREfessional pore minimising balm' a lot since I've picked it up. According to the tip book, this little one is a dual-action primer. While using it, I've noticed that its a very creamy combination that's not too heavy and feels really soft when I blend it on to my skin. I've only been using this under my eyes as this is where I have the most problems with getting my make-up to settle, and I feel like it has helped me quite a bit. In my opinion though, I don't think that this is the best primer/pore problem solver, but it'll definitely do until I can find the right one for me.

Next, I tried to use the 'POREfessional license to blot, which didn't really work out for me as I don't really get skin that's oily enough to be blotted. I have used it when my foundation hasn't exactly settled down properly and needs a bit of help to not look overly shiny and greasy. 

Unfortunately, I haven't enjoyed using the 'Dr Feelgood complexion balm' at all. It's supposed to help smooth out your make up after application (or you can wear it without) to give your skin some TLC, but I can't see, nor feel any change since using it with my make up. In fact, when I pat it over my make up, it smudges it and makes it look dirty and blotchy. This is one product from Benefit I will be staying away from in the future.

Finally, the item that caused me to buy the set - 'The POREfessional Agent Zero Shine'. I've been using this around my eyes and underneath as that's where I seem to need powder the most - my foundation and concealers don't ever want to stick around there for some reason, and I always need a primer and powder to set them. The powder is translucent and I've had my good days and bad days with it. Some days, it'll mattify my make-up so well and stop creasing and sliding, and then other days, like yesterday, it didn't do anything for me! I personally think the problem comes from using the brush that comes with the set as its not very soft and pleasant to use under and around the eyes and after only two uses, the brush starting shredding its bristles on to my face during use.

So after using this set, I am very tempted to get myself a full sized 'Shy Beam highlighter' and possibly the 'POREfessional pore minimising balm'. Apart from that, I'm not interested in the others as I know there are much better ones about and for a lot less money. 

So have you bought this set or thought about trying it? What are you thoughts on the products? Tell me in the comments down below!

Mollie. <3


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  1. This is such a cute little set! Perfect for traveling! xx

    Amy | Amys thoughts


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