December 03, 2015

JUMPING FOR JOY | Christmas jumper wishlist

Hey guys! One of my favourite parts about Christmas is the sheer amount of cheesy, cute Christmas jumpers you can find in almost every clothes shop. So I've gone and found my favourites for you all to see!

All jumpers in the above picture are from Primark. Sadly you cannot buy clothes through their website so I haven't provided a link to each jumper.

(picture credit goes to Primark, Tesco and Missguided)

These three lovely jumpers can all be found in Tesco! I wasn't a massive fan of the super colourful jumpers and opted to pick all of the jumpers based on the black backgrounds. The fact that the reindeer one lights up is an added bonus for those crazy Christmas mornings. All the jumpers aren't super expensive (the most expensive one being the reindeer one coming it at £20) which is great as I don't want to spend a lot of money on a jumper I only wear for one month in the year.

The reindeer jumper // The elf jumper // The sprout jumper

I picked these three jumpers from Missguided purely because they made me giggle. All three are not your 'traditional' Christmas jumpers which is a nice change! Unfortunately none of these jumpers have crazy flashing lights, which was kind of disappointing to me, but they are all in a reasonable price range.

The 'Kiss My Sprouts' // The 'Jingle My Bells' // The 'Mince Pies...'

Will you be picking up any Christmas jumpers this season? Where did you get them from? Tell me in the comments below so I can grab a few more!

Mollie. <3


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