December 05, 2015

GIFTS GALORE | Gifts for under £10

(picture credit goes to Superdrug, IWOOT and Fred&Friends)

Hey guys! Today I'm bringing you a post of stocking filler/gifts that you can grab for people (or yourself!) for under £10. I've made sure to include a range of gifts for all types of audiences so the selection below is not small!

First of all, I found some really great gifts you can grab from IWOOT, which is one of my favourite websites to buy little gifts from.

(picture credit goes to IWOOT)

First off, we have the cute little 'Bath Pug'. I've seen these everywhere and I'm pretty sure even Primark have their own versions of the 'Bath Pug'. Sadly you can only get this little fella in a red water donut, but he will definitely make you want to take a dip with him. Next we have the 'Pussy Magnet'. This little kitty is magnetic and you can keep all your paperclips and little metal bits and bobs to keep your desk looking much neater while having a novelty item as well. After that, we have a 'Camera Lens Cup', which I'm sure most bloggers and photographers would be happy to receive as a gift this year, as its rather personal.

You can buy the 'Bath Pug' here for £6.99.
You can buy the 'Pussy Magnet' here for £6.99.
You can buy the 'Camera Lens Cup' here for £8.99.

On the next row we see the adorable 'Hooty Snowy Heatable Owl', which is definitely a great purchase for the cold nights where you want to snuggle up in bed and watch a movie. If you're also a fan of lavender, then this guy is for you as he is stuffed with some to comfort and calm you as you drop off to sleep. Then we have some beauty blogger favourites - 'High Stylers Nail Varnish Highlighters. I'm definitely going to grab some of these because I'm always in need of highlighters for my diaries and planners and they also fit my blog theme! Finally we have the 'Angry Birds 30W Speaker' which I know my boyfriend would like as he already has the red bird. Currently this has a massive 80% which is making it fit in to this gift guide, so grab it before the offer is over!

You can buy the 'Hooty Snowy Heatable Owl here for £9.99.
You can buy the 'High Stylers Nail Varnish Highlighters' here for £6.99.
You can buy the 'Angry Birds 30W Speaker' here for £6.99.

 (picture credit goes to Fred & Friends)

I found Fred & Friends a few months ago when I was looking at cool kitchen gadgets and fell in love with all their products. I chose these three based purely on what I would love to have as a gift and have the practicality of using them in my own home.

First of all, we have the 'Duck Duck Drink Straws'. These cute little duckies can sit on your straw and move up and down while you take a drink! Second, we have the 'Beer Monster'. This guy is perfect for a friend who likes to drink and likes novelty items. He even has a little tail so he can stand upright and is easier to hold. Finally, we have the 'Moby Pick'. I'd be lying if I said I didn't pick this item solely for the pun that happens to be his name. This is definitely a gift for the person in your life that loves to hold parties, or even for yourself if you are that person!

You can buy the 'Duck Duck Drink Straws' here for $10.
You can buy the 'Beer Monster' here for $10.
You can buy the 'Moby Pick' here  for $12.

So will you be picking up any of the gifts that I've found? Have you yourself got a 'Under £10 gift guide' post? If so, link me to it so I can check it out and get some more little goodies (for myself of course).

Mollie. <3 



  1. All these ideas are unbelively cute!!! Great picks, I would to receive any of these for Christmas xx


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