December 04, 2015

FATHER BLISSMAS | Bath bomb review

Hey guys! Today I'm giving you a glimpse into what a great little bath bomb this guy turned out to be. You can grab this bomb from Bomb Cosmetics, who have made him especially to go in to a bath set. To use the 'Father Blissmas' bath bomb, just drop him in to your bath and watch him fizz up and create a gorgeous, bright pink and white froth. Once settled, the white froth will clear and you will be left with a lovely pink with bits of shimmer in the water.

Sadly, my camera isn't quite good enough to pick up the shimmer and glitter that was left in the water after the bomb had dissolved, but you could definitely see it while you was in there! While relaxing in the bath, I could tell that the bath bomb contained ginger and cinnamon, as it was given off a strong, spicy smell and it was honestly better than what I expected. After my bath, the smell lingered on me for hours on end which was pleasant and it wasn't super overpowering. Thankfully the glitter and shimmer didn't stick around after I drained the bath so there was no clean out process after involved, which I'm happy for because this bomb made me feel so relaxed and cosy that I just wanted to hop in to bed and get to sleep!

I would recommend this bath bomb to anyone who is a fan of having a cosy, relaxing bath and a fan of the colour pink, because it was so bright I couldn't believe it. 

Have you tried the 'Father Blissmas' bomb yet? What did you think about it? Tell me in the comments below!

Mollie. <3


  1. My mum bought this for me the other day and now i'm even more excited to try it, eep! x

    1. He's great! Smells so lovely and it made my skin so soft, have fun trying him:)x


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