December 01, 2015

DISNEY | A Christmas gift guide

Hey guys! With Christmas literally being around the corner, I thought I'd make a small gift guide for you Disney lovers out there. Even if you yourself aren't a giant fan of Disney, you're probably going to know someone who is. So I have been doing a lot of searching for my top 5 Disney gifts for Christmas. 
5) Tsum Tsum 
(picture credit goes to Disney)

These adorable bean bag characters are honestly some of my favourite Disney products ever. You can get mini, medium and large bean bags that are all cylinder shaped and they can be stacked upon one another! I am a big fan of collecting sets and have started to collect the Dumbo and Alice in Wonderland ones, and can't wait to get some more. The prices range from £3 (for a mini) and £10 (large). 

You can find them on the Disney site or at the Clinton's site.

4) Funko Pop!
(picture credit goes to Funko Pop)

Funko is a company that sells a range of products but the Pop! figures have got to be my favourite. They make a range of figures from a lot of franchises and they really are worth checking out! Most figures cost about £12 - £16 if you buy them from Ebay or a website that supplies them. Funko do have a helpful store search on their website to find where your closest supplier is.

You can find the Disney figures here or by searching them via Ebay or Amazon.

3) Vans
(picture credit goes to Vans)


Vans recently announced their new collaboration with Disney and its wonderful! Men, women and children can all enjoy the Vans range which is most Alice in Wonderland and Jungle Book themed. While Vans are probably the most pricey gifts on this list, I think they are worthwhile and the quality is always of a high standard.

You can find the Vans|Disney collaboration on their website here or on ASOS.

2) Disney Mugs
(picture credit goes to Disney)

With the weather being awful at the moment, a coffee (or tea!) is perfect for making yourself feel that little bit better. Disney have a fantastic range of mugs for just that! The Cheshire Cat one is my absolute favourite and I keep hinting at my boyfriend that I need a new mug. 

You can find the mugs on the Disney store.

1) Disney DVDs
(picture credit goes to Disney)

What Disney fan doesn't have at least 5 Disney DVDs? If you think you have enough room for a few more - I know I could get a few more myself - then head on over to the your local DVD shop (HMV, Tesco etc) to pick some up! I know Tesco are currently doing a deal on Disney DVDs so snag it while you still can.

You can get DVDs directly from the Disney store or from Tesco

Will you be picking up some Disney goodies for anyone this year? Tell me in a comment below so I can do some more shopping!

Mollie. <3


  1. Disney mugs are the best! I need to buy a new one this year! Xx
    Lovely gift guide mollie!

    Amy | Lipstick and the girl

    1. I rate want the Cheshire Cat one, gunna keep bugging Liam about it when we go to Disney shop in Meadowhall haha x

    2. I NEED the belle one, but I also want the teacup ones made for kids but they so so cute x

  2. Absolutely adorable suggestions! I love the mugs - I may have to give my boyfriend some hints about the Cheshire Cat one too! :)

    I've followed you on Twitter, Bloglovin, & Pinterest to spread the Christmas joy! <3 :)

    1. It's adorable! I love anything to do with cats and Alice in Wonderland so its a must have for me haha.

      I'll follow you back on them all soon, just gotta get my #blogmas day 2 post first x


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