December 19, 2015

CHRISTMAS SPIRIT | Yog Nog bath bomb review

If you haven't already noticed, I love bath bombs. So when my boyfriend told me he was going to Meadowhall (a big shopping centre in Sheffield), I immediately begged him to pick me up a bath bomb of his choice from Lush, as long as it was Christmas themed - I am doing Blogmas after all. So he came back with the Yog Nog Bath Bomb

New to the Lush 2015 Christmas range, it is the bath bomb form of their popular soap of the same name. When I first smelt this I was hit with a powerful spicy, yet sweet toffee smell and I was instantly hooked. The bath bomb looks aesthetically pleasing as well having a lovely smell, so my excitement to try this was paramount. 

When I added it in to my freshly made bath, it immediately reacted and caused an explosion of frothy white and yellow foam, releasing more of its divine smell that it contained. After a minute or so, the yellow foam had started to cause the water to change in to a sort of 'spring' green colour, which I wasn't expecting seen as the bomb itself didn't contain any green as far as I could tell.

Inside the bath bomb was two chunks of orange soap that was scented as strongly as the rest of the bomb. Once I dipped in to the bath after the reaction, I instantly felt relaxed and comforted. The water isn't the most pleasant colour to bathe in, but it did make my skin feel very soft - probably due to the fact that one of the ingredients is shea butter. 

Like most Lush bath bombs, my skin was coated in glitter after I had got out, which isn't a problem for me, but it is a bit of a pain when it comes to cleaning the bath out after I've just been in it. I also noticed that this bomb caused a yellow water ring to be left after it had drained and I had to give it a bit of a scrub so it wouldn't stick and stain the bath.

Overall though, this is another wonderful bath bomb from Lush and its another that I would recommend, especially if you want to smell just like Christmas!

Have you tried this bath bomb yet? What are your thoughts on it? Tell me in the comments below.

Mollie. <3



  1. Looks cute! Lovely photos! ♡

    Have a nice holiday! | Gabrielle

  2. Thank you lovely, you have a fab holiday too x

  3. I loved the scent of this bath bomb but also found it left a lot of residue which was a pain to get off ... Still, totally worth it as I loved the scent.

    Amy x - Four Cats Plus Us

    1. Yeah it left like a yellow stain round the top of the bath where the water had been and I had to give it a bit of a scrub but I didn't mind too much x


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