December 02, 2015

BEAUTY CRACKERS | The best of this year

Hey guys! This year, you'll be seeing a lot less crackers with little party hats and bad jokes in them because a lot of Christmas crackers containing some fantastic beauty products have hit the market. I've been searching high and low and found my four favourites that I definitely want to have on my tree this year.
4) St Tropez
(picture credit goes to St Tropez)

This little cracker from St Tropez contains a bottle of  'Instant Tan lotion' that they say lasts up to 24 hours. With the cold, sunless months ahead of us, this is perfect for getting a golden glow that looks as natural as can be without the sun being about.

3) Sanctuary
(picture credit goes to Sanctuary) 

This beautiful packaged set of crackers is great for anyone who loves body and bath wash sets. The set comes with four crackers that contain three different body washes and one body lotion. You know what the best bit is about this set? Its only £10!

2) Molton Brown
(picture credit goes to Molton Brown)

Molton Brown have released their own crackers this Christmas, and this set is my favourite of the ones I can find. It contains a hand cream, body wash and a body lotion, and it known for its spicy, ginger scents.

1) Soap and Glory
(picture credit goes to Soap and Glory) 

Personally, I am a massive fan of Soap and Glory and that's why these crackers are on the top of my list this year. You can get this six pack of crackers for just £16 which contains 4 body washes, a body scrub and a bath and shower wash.

Will you be ditching the traditional crackers and swapping them for beauty ones this year? Tell me if you do in the comments!

Mollie. <3


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  1. I've never had any beauty crackers before but I like the idea of them! I would definitely go for the Soap & Glory ones :)
    Maeve // Thrift O'Clock


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