December 10, 2015

ALL THAT GLITTERS | A gift guide

If you haven't noticed, glitter has noticeably become a bigger thing in this years last few months. Everything from glitter roots, glitter beards and now even glitter armpit hair - glitter is IN. So I searched around and found the best glitter inspired gifts for under your Christmas tree this year!
First of all, I found some adorable glow in the dark stars. Instead of the usual off yellow/green, these are pink, glittery and 'girly'. These would be the perfect little stocking filler for a young one that loves space, and wants to look at the stars at night.

You can find the glow in the dark stars here at IWOOT.

Secondly, I found a lovely, pure gold glitter phone case. This is definitely something to bling up your style if you aren't a fan of wearing jewellery but still want to be a sparkly diva. You can get these cases for iPhone 5/6s only. 

You can grab this case from ASOS.

Again, from ASOS, I found a sparkly round coin purse. Looking at the dimensions, its not too big, but not super small either. You can get the purse in all gold sparkles and in a black/silver colour.

You can pick this purse up here at ASOS.

Next is the lovely Rimmel nail polish which you can get in 6 different shades! This one was my favourite though as I'm a big fan of anything that's black and contains little pops of colour.

You can get the nail polish from the Rimmel website.

As well as the super sparkly nail polish, I decided that I should add some more lovely make up products, so I chose the Stila 'Magnificent Metals Eye Liner' as its just so pretty! You can get it in four shades and they're all as gorgeous as the other, and you could create some amazing make up looks with each and every one of them.

You can pick these liners up from Stila cosmetics.

Last, but not least is the Make Up Revolution Eye Dust powders. These dusts are lovely eye shadows and there is massive range of 25 different shades to choose from and they're only £1! You can pick up the whole set for just £25 which is such a bargain for so many colours.

You can get the Eye Dust from the MUR store.

Are you happy about how glitter has become all the range these past few months? Or are you fed up of picking it off of every single thing you own? Tell me in the comments below!

Mollie. <3

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