December 24, 2015

ALL ABOUT CHRISTMAS | The Christmas tag

I can't believe its Christmas Eve! This year has flown by and today is my last day of Blogmas, which I found highly enjoyable for my first month of blogging! I managed to stick it out and post everyday and I never thought I'd make it past the first week but I pulled through and I learnt a lot about blogging along the way.

Because this is my last Blogmas post, I'm going to take it easy and do the wonderful Christmas tag, just in case you weren't feeling Christmassy enough. I won't be following the usual rules of tagging people at the end, but I will tell you that I found the tag from Shoes and Glitter, a wonderful blog I found when browsing around Bloglovin'. 

So lets get to it!

1) Have you been naughty or nice this year with your skincare routine?
Oh dear god no! I have been awful when it comes to helping out my skin, but I'm one of those few lucky people that has hardly any problems apart from the occasional spot or a few blackheads. Next year though I need to step up my game because my luck is bound to run out eventually.

2) What’s the go-to beauty, makeup or skincare product you would gift to your family and friends?
I'm a massive fan of the Benefit product Brow Zings, I've been using it for such a long time and it hasn't failed me yet. I'm also a massive fan of the Make Up Revolution palettes as they manage to pull off pretty good dupes of high end eyeshadow palettes for such great prices!

3) Do you prefer gifting high-end products or drugstore products to others?
I currently prefer gifting out drug-store products as I don't have the money to splash out on the high-end ones for myself, let alone everyone else! There is some fantastic drug-store products out and about that are just as good as the high-end ones though.

4) What are the beauty products you’re hoping to get to see under your Christmas tree this year? 
The new Urban Decay x Gwen Stefani palette! Just go look at how gorgeous it is. I'd also love to see the new Limecrime Velvetine trio
5) What is the beauty product that you’re dreading to receive for Christmas this year?
I'd be happy with any beauty product I receive this year!

6) Are you a beauty blogger participating in Blogmas this year? If so what is the post you’re most proud of so far?
I was! I'm pretty proud of all my posts because I never thought I'd do it. I literally started blogging 5 days before Blogmas started so I really did throw myself in the deep end with this. I do really like my Lush Yog Nog bath bomb review though.  

7) Do you remember the first beauty product you received as a Christmas present? What was it and did you enjoy it?
I don't have a clue what the first beauty product I received for Christmas was. It was probably something like those nail polish sets you can get for kids when they start taking an interest in makeup!

8) What mini size product would you recommend as a great stocking filler?
I always love getting those little lip gloss sets!
9) Would you rather your friends and family ask you about gifts you wanted to receive or have them surprise you?
I prefer surprises but I don't mind people telling me what they've got if they want to know its something I'm going to use or if its the right shade/size/etc. 
10) What is your favourite way to show Christmas spirit through your look or outfit? 
One of my favourite parts about Christmas is the stupid and cheesy jumpers you can get, so wearing one is a must around Christmas!

How excited are you for Christmas? What do you want to find under your tree?

Mollie. <3


  1. Whehey you've done it! The gwen pallete is absolutely gorgoues! Merry christmas! x

    Amy x

    1. Can't believe it, I kept saying before I started I wouldn't manage it but I did omg.
      Merry Christmas lovely x

  2. Lovely post! I received so many nail polish sets for Christmas when I was growing up or lip glosses! Hope you have a great Christmas x

    1. I got a set of polishes this year so it seems like it's a tradition in my family to always give them me haha!
      Hope you had a lovely Christmas x

  3. Little lipgloss in a stocking is such a great idea! And I love wearing Christmas sweaters too!

    Shannon Sage

  4. Great post..Christmas is the best holiday in the year, love the family unity and chocolate santa xoxox


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