December 31, 2015

STUCK FOR INSPIRIATION ON NYE? | Beauty ideas for your night

Its New Years Eve! Blooming hell, where did this year go? I swear it was summer last week... or what England had of it anyway. Hopefully 2016 is a year that brings everyone all the things they hope for and here's to the future! But I honestly hate New Years Eve. Its definitely one of my least favourite days of the whole year because I am ALWAYS struggling to make the right plans and to be with the right people - plus I HAVE TO PLAN AN OUTFIT. Ugh.

December 29, 2015

2015 BINGEWORTHY SHOWS | My Netflix top picks

(photo credit goes to

Ah Netflix, what would I do without you? I'd probably be doing something productive and actually being a somewhat normally functioning human being, but that is besides the point.

This past year, I've had a lot of time to binge watch so many shows that are on Netflix this year. I've seen so many new things and tried shows I'd never thought I'd be interested in. With all that in mind, I'm going to give you my top 5 binge worthy Netflix TV series.

December 24, 2015

ALL ABOUT CHRISTMAS | The Christmas tag

I can't believe its Christmas Eve! This year has flown by and today is my last day of Blogmas, which I found highly enjoyable for my first month of blogging! I managed to stick it out and post everyday and I never thought I'd make it past the first week but I pulled through and I learnt a lot about blogging along the way.

December 23, 2015


2015 has been a pretty okay year, but I'm happy to see the end of it. 2016 is the year where I've set myself some pretty big goals blog-wise and life-wise and I'm making this post to remind myself of where I started and where I end up when I check back again in a years time! So without further ado, lets take a look at what I want from my 2016.

December 22, 2015

LETS GO BACK IN TIME | A review of my 2015

(warning: this post is wordy as heck. TW: depression)

2015 has been quite the journey for me. I've gained some amazing friends and I've removed toxic ones. To be fair, when I decided to write this post, I was hesitant because I didn't do anything particularly amazing. I didn't travel abroad, I didn't donate a bunch of money to charity, I didn't even start a university course. 

December 21, 2015

THE BOXING DAY BLUES | How to cope with post holiday sadness

(trigger warning - depression)

Do you feel lonely and/or sad around Christmas? You aren't alone in that. Depression rates, whether clinical or brought on by a sudden loss of any sort, sky rocket in the festive month.

Depression is a mental condition where you experience intense emotions like sadness, hopelessness and loneliness. It is made worse at this time of month usually by stress and financial worries and can  be devastating to some when the wave of depression washes over them. 
So with all that, I wanted to share with you some tips on how to try to keep your mood up around this festive time - after all it is the season to be jolly, right? 

December 20, 2015

WANT SOME ICE WITH THAT? | Christmas cocktails

 (photo credit goes to The Latin Kitchen)

If you know me in real life, you would know that I am a massive fan of cocktails and trying to make them. With money being tight this year, I haven't had the chance to splash my money on fancy alcoholic drinks and mixers to create my own exquisite drinks that taste as good as they look.

December 19, 2015

CHRISTMAS SPIRIT | Yog Nog bath bomb review

If you haven't already noticed, I love bath bombs. So when my boyfriend told me he was going to Meadowhall (a big shopping centre in Sheffield), I immediately begged him to pick me up a bath bomb of his choice from Lush, as long as it was Christmas themed - I am doing Blogmas after all. So he came back with the Yog Nog Bath Bomb

December 18, 2015

CRUELTY FREE | A gift guide for vegans

(photo credit goes to Spectrum, Lush, Fairy Girl Cosmetics, Meow Meow Tweet, SugarLoom Cosmetics & Laughing Devil Designs)

This year, one of my closest friends decided to turn vegan. She was brought up to be a vegetarian by her mother and at the age of 14 she decided to try meat for the first time and for a while she enjoyed it. Now at the age of 19, she made to change to go fully vegan - the complete opposite of what she was for the past five years. I am personally not a vegan, but I think what she did and what she is doing is amazing. Its definitely changed my outlook on life and has made me think a lot more about what I eat and what I buy. 

December 17, 2015

JINGLE BELLS JINGLE BELLS | My Christmas playlist

 What is Christmas without the music that goes with it? It definitely makes me feel a lot more in the mood for Christmas dinner and a glass - or three - of Baileys. Unless of course you work in retail, where you've probably overdosed on Mariah Carey at this point.

December 16, 2015

DANCE THE NIGHT AWAY | New Years dress picks

(photo credit goes to H&M, PLT, Boohoo, Tesco and Next)

New Years Eve is probably the one night where everyone wants to go out and drink, dance and have a fabulous night to welcome in the next year. Sometimes though, picking out a dress is one of the hardest parts of sorting that night out. I know I've become completely stressed out by not knowing what to wear. So I've trawled the internet to find some of my top dress picks for you to shimmy in on New Years Eve.

SANTA BABY | Lush lip scrub review

'Santa baby, hurry down the chimney tonight♫'

For the past two weeks, I've been using this little Lush lip scrub on my lips. As it's winter and the weather is miserable and cold, they've gotten so dry and flaky and plain horrible, and pair that with my love for matte lipsticks, my lips are in some serious need of TLC.

December 13, 2015

TRAVELLING TO SPACE | Intergalactic bath bomb review

I'm putting this out here now - I'm not the first blogger to review this gorgeous Lush bath bomb, and I certainly won't be the last. The 'Intergalactic' bath bomb is a treat for the eyes and the skin and I am absolutely head over heels for it. When I went to Lush for a mini haul, I ran straight to this one as it is the one bath bomb I have been longing for since forever.  

December 12, 2015

GIMME GIMME GIMME | My Christmas wishlist

 (photo credit goes to MAC, Real Techniques, IWOOT, Sighh Co and Bomb Cosmetics)

The past few days, I've been posting a range of different gift guides for all different people in your life. Today, I decided to take a break and show you what my Christmas wish list is this year. I'm not wanting a massive tonne of stuff that I won't get around to using, just a few select things I know I'll get some use out of.


December 11, 2015

VERY MERRY MEN | A gift guide for him

(picture credit goes to LootCrate, IWOOT and ASOS)
Buying gifts for the guys in your life can sometimes be difficult. You ask them what they want and they give you a blank stare and say 'I don't know' or 'I don't need anything'. Of course this isn't the answer you want to hear, so you're left stumped on what to get them. Here I've picked a few items that I know the boys/men/etc in my life would want, so maybe the ones in yours do too!


December 10, 2015

ALL THAT GLITTERS | A gift guide

If you haven't noticed, glitter has noticeably become a bigger thing in this years last few months. Everything from glitter roots, glitter beards and now even glitter armpit hair - glitter is IN. So I searched around and found the best glitter inspired gifts for under your Christmas tree this year!

December 08, 2015

PLATFORM 9 3/4 THIS WAY! | A Harry Potter fan gift guide

(photo credit goes to
We all know someone who is obsessed with Harry Potter in our lives, right? I am that person who just loves anything and everything to do with the magical world of Harry Potter. So I've scoured the internet for gifts that I would want to see under my tree this Christmas.


December 07, 2015

WHAT TO WATCH | Christmas films you should see

Everyone loves a good Christmas film to get them in to the festive spirit don't they? It's one of my favourite things about the run up to Christmas - in my house, we all like to get in to our pyjamas, grab a hot chocolate and watch a film together. I decided that I'd compose a list of my top 5 Christmas films for you to check out if you haven't already!

5) The Muppets Christmas Carol (1992)
(picture credit goes to the Muppets Wiki)

December 06, 2015

SEE THE STARS | Stardust bath bomb review

Everyone loves a Lush bath bomb, don't they? Just like every other blogger, I too am a fan of their products and could not wait to try out this little Christmas one. Named 'Stardust' and shaped like a star, its all white with little flecks of blue on the outside, hinting to you about the explosion of colours that it may contain inside.


December 05, 2015

GIFTS GALORE | Gifts for under £10

(picture credit goes to Superdrug, IWOOT and Fred&Friends)

Hey guys! Today I'm bringing you a post of stocking filler/gifts that you can grab for people (or yourself!) for under £10. I've made sure to include a range of gifts for all types of audiences so the selection below is not small!


December 04, 2015

FATHER BLISSMAS | Bath bomb review

Hey guys! Today I'm giving you a glimpse into what a great little bath bomb this guy turned out to be. You can grab this bomb from Bomb Cosmetics, who have made him especially to go in to a bath set. To use the 'Father Blissmas' bath bomb, just drop him in to your bath and watch him fizz up and create a gorgeous, bright pink and white froth. Once settled, the white froth will clear and you will be left with a lovely pink with bits of shimmer in the water.


December 03, 2015

JUMPING FOR JOY | Christmas jumper wishlist

Hey guys! One of my favourite parts about Christmas is the sheer amount of cheesy, cute Christmas jumpers you can find in almost every clothes shop. So I've gone and found my favourites for you all to see!

All jumpers in the above picture are from Primark. Sadly you cannot buy clothes through their website so I haven't provided a link to each jumper.


December 02, 2015

BEAUTY CRACKERS | The best of this year

Hey guys! This year, you'll be seeing a lot less crackers with little party hats and bad jokes in them because a lot of Christmas crackers containing some fantastic beauty products have hit the market. I've been searching high and low and found my four favourites that I definitely want to have on my tree this year.

December 01, 2015

DISNEY | A Christmas gift guide

Hey guys! With Christmas literally being around the corner, I thought I'd make a small gift guide for you Disney lovers out there. Even if you yourself aren't a giant fan of Disney, you're probably going to know someone who is. So I have been doing a lot of searching for my top 5 Disney gifts for Christmas. 

November 25, 2015

144 SHADES OF FUN | Make Up Revolution 2016 palette review

Hello everyone! First of all, I should mention that I absolutely love eyeshadow and experimenting with colours. Applying eyeshadow has got to be my favourite part of my make-up routine because you can be so creative with your style and colour combinations. So of course when I saw that Make Up Revolution had brought out a 2016 palette that contained 144 different shadows, I just had to get my hands on it!

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